Route 29 stretches from Pensacola, Florida, to the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.

In Virginia, where parts of it are named the Lee Highway (for General Robert E. Lee), it travels alongside rolling hayfields, farmhouses, and vineyards; the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park looming in the background. …

That morning was like almost any other morning.

Sure. After four years of Trump, there was a new Congress. And a new president was on the way. These felt new and good. Very good.

But I also knew Trump was holding a big rally near the White House that day…

Bodies of migrants who died in a tractor-trailer accident lying on the pavement in Tuxtla Gutierrez, state of Chiapas, Mexico, on Thursday.
(Sergio Hernandez / AFP/Getty Images)

In the face of so many “worsts,” we need a new consensus.

On November 24, in “the worst migrant tragedy in the English Channel in years,” over two dozen migrants died while trying to cross from France to Britain.

Across the Middle East, based on rumors, migrants pay approximately $2,500…

One hundred and seventeen days after elevating to the papacy, Pope Francis took his first official trip outside the Vatican to visit the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa. An island closer to Tunisia than Sicily. An island that, since 1998, has been a transit point for migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

Holding religious objects made from the wood of boats carrying migrants that had crashed against the island’s rocky shore, the Pope opened his homily with, “Immigrants dying at sea, in boats which were vehicles of hope and became vehicles of death.”

The Pope’s trip to Lampedusa, stripped of the pomp and circumstance of typical papal visits, was the first of many instances where he would draw the world’s attention to the plight of migrants.

Read the rest of From Lampedusa to Lesbos here.

Outsourcing immigration enforcement allows extremism to thrive, leaving us with complicated solutions.

From initially blocking asylum seekers to then extending humanitarian relief to ultimately hardening and militarizing borders, the European Union’s 2015 response to the Syrian refugee crisis was dizzying for policy experts, much less the migrants who sought protection…

(Photographer: Leonid Shcheglov/BelTA/AP Photo)

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Borders are meant to create order. But, around the world, authoritarians are using borders to create chaos.

In the November issue of The Atlantic, Anne Applebaum looks at how authoritarians are working together — across borders…

Rick handed the cell phone to his wife.

Pointing to Facebook Messenger, he said, “You don’t have to say anything to this group. But I need you to monitor this.”

That August day, as he went down to the field to coach his five-year-old son’s flag football game, Rick asked…

“Dallas, Texas, United States — May 1, 2010 a large group of demonstrators carry banners and wave flags during a pro-immigration march on May Day.” Credit: iStock, FireAtDusk

Surprisingly, Glenn Youngkin seemed to avoid immigration as a primary point of attack on the path to his Virginia win.

On October 21, clearly frustrated by the approach, the Washington Times reported that Youngkin, “hasn’t aired a single radio or TV ad about immigration at a time when the U.S.-Mexico…

Ali Noorani

President and CEO of National Immigration Forum, author of “Crossing Borders” (April 2022, Rowman & Littlefield), host of the podcast, Only in America.

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