Hawaii judge upholds America’s ‘Golden Rule’

After the March 15, 2017 ruling by a federal judge to temporarily halt President Trump’s revised travel ban, I wrote an op-ed for CNN.com.

It begins:

My parents immigrated to America from Pakistan in the early 1970s. They worked hard, they saved money, they raised a family. They started a successful physical therapy practice that served everyone from farm workers to minor league baseball players to people with disabilities.

Growing up, I remember the patients who came to their office as much as I remember my father making house calls to help those who couldn’t leave their beds.

But indelibly seared into my mind is the painting that greeted each who walked through the office doors: Norman Rockwell’s “Golden Rule.”

You can find the full op-ed here.

President and CEO of National Immigration Forum and America is Better, author of There Goes the Neighborhood, host of the podcast, Only in America.

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